2018 Richard Lillicrap Award

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The Richard Lillicrap award is designed to celebrate and recognise people who don't only work at their own trust or club but provide support and advice to others in the movement, in the knowledge that the more united we are as fans, the stronger we become.

This year’s recipient of the award goes to a current member of the movement that embodies this spirit more than most, Neil Le Milliere from Exeter City FC.

Trust elections can be a daunting task.  There is so much to ensure is done correctly and so many policies to follow; the main one being the appointment of an Election Management Group to oversee proceedings and an Independent Scrutineer to ensure everything is undertaken in line with the recommended election policies.

These roles can be arduous for even those with an avid interest in the society in question, but when issues are raised it is absolutely vital these roles are filled by individuals who not only are knowledgeable of the role requirements, but fluent in the intricacies of election policy and can express these, sometimes complex, actions fluently to the participating trust and its members.

Neil has offered many trusts advice on their elections over the years and stepped into the breach on countless occasions to perform the role of Independent Scrutineer in sometimes challenging circumstances, dedicating an enormous amount to time to assisting member trusts understand and correctly execute the election process.

We would like to applaud and celebrate his commitment to the trust movement and dedication to the democratic process and, on behalf of all the trusts he has assisted over the years, we recognise his contributions and thank him for his efforts.

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