Assets of Community Value

Supporters Direct are the leading experts in assisting supporters trusts and sports clubs to list their stadiums as an Asset of Community Value.

"Community Right to Bid" is part of a set of powers giving communities more control over what happens in their area and the important local amenities of value to them. 

Rights are contained within the Localism Act 2011 which devolves power from government to communities, local authorities and individuals.  

You can find out which stadiums are protected by consulting our ACV list HERE.

If you have any questions about Assets of Community Value or want to find out how you can list your sports stadium as an Asset of Community Value with your local council then visit our ACV Experts here on the hub or contact one of our Network Managers for assistance.


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I am pleased to report that Nuneaton Borough Supporters' Co-operative have also renewed recently.

There was case law in 2014 that may be relevant. Basically, they can't exclude a part of a sports facility on the argument that it isn't currently being used for sports. Depends on what reasons Northampton are giving, of course. I can email you the details if needed, Nicola.

For the last 3 years we have been trying to get Sixfields listed. However Northampton BC have just got back to me and said after consulting with NTFC not all the footprint will be included. Do we as a trust have any right of appeal ?

Hi Helen, When you say not all the footprint will be included does that mean they have accepted to list some of the ground? In that case which bits are missing? It may be that you could look to have them listed under a separate application.

Picking up on John Trippier's post from some months ago, below, we have registered the King Power Stadium as an ACV too, and renewal time is looming. Does anyone know whether there is a shorter 'renewal' process?

The renewal process much like the application process will vary slightly from council to council but there will be a shorter lead out time as the decision to register the ground has historically gone in favor of it being an ACV. I would suggest you contact your local council to enquire about the renewal process. If you have any issues with their response or need help or guidance please let me know.

We have already registered Turf moor as an ACV but we note that this will need renewal in 18 months time and this appears to require a completely new application which proved somewhat tortuous last time. is there a way of shortcutting the extension process?
John Trippier
for Burnley Clarets Trust

I'll update the list, keep your eyes peeled for our short ACV video which will be published soon! :-)

Clapton FC (the real club) had the Old Spotted Dog Ground listed as an ACV earlier this year.

Only last week the Leeds United Supporters Trust successfully had Elland Road registered by Leeds City Council as an ACV.