What is the value of being an EFL Supporters Trust?

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In 2017 Supporters Direct surveyed their English Football League Trusts to gain some insights into what they believed the benefits of being a trust were.  Below are the headline findings from the survey.

  • 76% of respondents think the credibility you get from being a trust is valuable
  • 68% of respondents really value the access to executives in the football authorities that you get from being part of a trust
  • 84% of respondents think being part of a bigger movement of supporter trusts is really valuable.
  • 84% of respondents value the benefits you get from being a supporter trust, such as training, events and the legal helpline.
What is clear from the survey is the overwhelming amount of value the EFL trusts get from being part of a wider movement as well as the many benefits (including training and legal help) you get from being a full member of Supporters Direct

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