Blackpool F.C. - "A shabby anniversary"

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November 6th marked one year since the High Court ruling against Owen Oyston and in favour of Valeri Belokon and still nothing has been resolved at Blackpool F.C. 

A Blackpool Supporters Trust spokesperson said "It is a 'shabby' anniversary. The club, the fans, the town of Blackpool are still being let down."

Blackpool F.C. were playing away at Gillingham yesterday evening but outside Bloomfield Road, Blackpool, protesters held a vigil to highlight the continuing plight of the football club and the failure of the football authorities to acknowledge or act upon the seismic ruling of a year ago.

The B.S.T. representative said, "Fans held up all 163 pages of Justice Marcus Smith's forensic ruling against the Oystons who have illegitimately stripped the football club, sued fans who dared to suggest they had done such a thing and cynically overseen the managed decline of a club which was in the Premier League only seven years ago."

"It is a disgraceful situation and the ethical boycott by thousands of fans will continue until there is regime change at Blackpool FC."

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we feel for Blackpool, Darlington now fan owned and its a good place to be, as long as we have a team to support, masters of our own destiny

Fans of other clubs should take note. Blackpool aren't the first club to suffer from shabby management and more, look at Hereford, Stockport, Darlington, Wrexham, Portsmouth, Leyton Orient, and many others. You should realise your own club is only one owner away from the same fate. Will your club be next? Fans, whatever their colours should unite against those who allow this to happen.