Change of ownership moves a step closer at Blackpool FC

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Following the Court ruling in November where Justice Marcus Smith ordered Owen Oyston to pay former Director Valeri Belokon £31.27million, Oyston's representatives were back in court with the Judge considering approving orders for sale of Oyston's assets with frustration at the delay in the payment to Belokon.

Alongside various residential properties in the North West and an interest in a local development, was the real nugget - Blackpool Football Club (Properties) Limited which holds the majority stake in the football club,Bloomfield Road, the training ground and the Travelodge Hotel. Belokon is still owed approximately £24 million and Oyston's defence argued that a decision should be adjourned for 6 weeks to enable Oyston to close out some of the deals and realise the money that is still owed.

After a 3 hour hearing Justice Marcus Smith ruled that Oyston has until the 5th of July to pay, at which point if there remains a balance and there is no settlement outside of court, the residential properties will be up for auction and that Blackpool Football Club (Properties) Limited will be up for sale with the only proviso that the Judge approves the sale given the potential conflict if Belokon were to be involved in both sides of the deal.

The news will come as another step in the right direction for Blackpool fans and in particular the Blackpool Supporters Trust who have been co-ordinating a long standing campaign for new owners of their club.

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The photo is of Blackpool Supporters Trust reps and Blackpool FC supporters who attended the hearing today. Sadly more likely to be found outside a court room rather than Bloomfield Road, but hopefully for not much longer.

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