City Football Group: Globalisation and Conflicts of Interest

Football fans can be split into two camps: the traditionalists and the reformers.  Many topics in football further emphasise these groupings.  Things such as the introduction of technology, how the Football Association has structured the women's league and the introduction of billionaires to the game.

The latter has been a topic of conversation for a long time, some supporters want more money flooded into their clubs to buy the best players, others want to see their clubs become community owned.

This is why City Football Group (CFG) have caused such a stir, they now own or part own clubs in six different countries, all of whom have had changes made to make them fit a more uniform brand i.e Melbourne Heart had its name changed to Melbourne City upon acquisition.

But surely this way of buying clubs will have a massive impact on the future of football. Watch this short video by Tifo Football on CFG and how they have acquired so many clubs and tell us what you think the long-term impact will be on football.

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