Club network meetings

November was a busy month as we visited Exeter City, Tonbridge Angels and Chester FC for the latest club network meetings. These get togethers provide the platform for the host club to tell us what they are up to and share challenges and opportunities with fellow supporter owned clubs. This took the number of club network meetings to 8 for the year following other events at Bath City, SD HQ, Darlington FC, Chester FC and St Georges Park. We are pleased to report that 21 clubs have been represented at at least one meeting, with some clubs being multiple attendees, and close to 10,000 viewing the case studies that we have released online.

Every time we hold these network meetings, we continue to be inspired and amazed at what is being achieved, normally against all odds. We often leave thinking the discussion and knowledge exchange could have continued well into the early hours. We are also acutely aware that many more people would like to attend but ironically it is the amount of time being invested in respective clubs that mean volunteers can't make it in person.

So with that in mind we are very pleased to announce that the private network area for Board members and volunteers at Supporter Owned Clubs is now open for business and email invitations have now gone out to join this exclusive online area. 

If you haven't had an invite then please drop us an email. For anyone that has attended a network meeting this year, you'll recognise just how similar the issues are and how willing people are to help out, so please do take this spirit online.

And if you don't believe us, or if you are thinking of coming to a meeting in the future, hopefully the little video snippet from Chester FC last week will inspire you to join us next time, because we most certainly aren't on our own.

Special thanks to Power to Change for their support with building the network.

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