“Clubs really belong to the fans” says Andrea Traverso of UEFA

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Ashley Brown, CEO of SD, has attended the Sport Integrity Global Alliance’s (SIGA) Sports Integrity Forum in Rome this week.  As part of his work with SD, Brown was interviewed and given the opportunity to explain how supporters play a key part in promoting integrity in sport.  

Brown stated that “in football, the fans are an effective early warning system often being the first people who call out wrongdoing and corruption at their clubs.”

Christine Seddon, Chairperson of Blackpool Supporters Trust, took the opportunity to explain to the forum panel the Blackpool story, stating that despite a damning report from a high court judge they remain disappointed by the lack of action from the English Football League (EFL).

Andrea Traverso, Head of Club Licensing at UEFA, talked of the role Supporters Direct played in the creation of the Financial Fair Play rules and repeatedly mentioned how “the clubs really belong to the fans”.

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Well said Christine. Fans are generally listened to and sometimes their grievances and advice is acted upon, but there are some horrific exceptions where maverick owners have been allowed to run amok, unchecked and unrestrained by the English Governing Authorities. It's time for change at the EFL and FA.

Excellent that Blackpool Supporters Trust and Supporters Direct were represented at the SIGA General Assembly.