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With three General Meetings taking place next week, we thought our members would like some guidance about the proceedings.

We hope you find the FAQ's useful but please email us ( if you need any further information.
Where are the meetings taking place? 
The meetings will be taking place at Unite the Union, 128 Theobald’s Road, London, WC1X 8TN. 
Registration opens at midday. The full timetable is: 
* Midday – Registration and lunch 
* 13:30 – SD General Meeting (for SD full members only) 
* No earlier than 14:00 – FSF General Meeting 
* No earlier than 14:30 – Extraordinary General Meeting of the new organisation 
* No earlier than 15:30 – New organisation’s National Council Meeting (for elected members only) 
See the full SD General Meeting notice  
See the full EGM notice

SD General Meeting 
What is the SD General Meeting about? 
Following the membership’s decision to vote to merge with the Football Supporters’ Federation, we are now able to proceed with a vote to transfer assets from SD to a new organisation formed with the Football Supporters’ Federation.  
Read the full notice  
How do I register to attend the SD General Meeting? 
Primary Contacts, Chairs and Secretary’s of full member organisations have been emailed the link to register.  
If you haven’t received the link, please email us (  
How do I register a proxy vote for the SD General Meeting? 
Primary Contacts, Chairs and Secretary’s of full member organisations have been emailed the link to nominate a proxy. 
If you haven’t received the link, please email us ( 
My organisation isn’t a full member. Can we still attend? 
To ensure the meeting runs as effectively as possible only full member organisations can attend this particular meeting. 
If you have an enquiry relating to your SD membership, please email us ( 
The Football Supporters’ Federation General Meeting 
Can I attend the Football Supporters’ Federation General Meeting? 
Please contact the FSF directly for details of their General Meeting.  Their details are 0330 44 000 44 /  
The Extraordinary General Meeting of the new organisation 
What is the Extraordinary General Meeting about? 
As discussed at July’s AGM supporters will meet to finalise the merger of the Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct into one unified organisation at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Thursday 22nd November. 
At this meeting the organisation’s first National Council (NC) will be elected and members are entitled to stand for election for the individual and associate places (the affiliate representatives will have already been determined by an online vote which closes midday 20th November, following a call for nominations last month).  There will also be a vote on the organisations Chair and Vice Chair. 

Read the full notice 
I would like to attend and vote at the meeting 
You can register as an individual member or representing an affiliate or association organisation. Click here to register your attendance at the meeting  
I can’t attend the meeting but would still like to vote 
Please email us ( for further information. 
Do I have to be a member to attend or vote? 
Yes. You can sign-up via the registration link 
Can I vote at the meeting as an individual and representing an organisation? 

Yes. You can register for both via the registration link 
How do I know if my organisation qualifies as an affiliate or an associate? 
An affiliate organisation is a supporters’ group or Trust who fulfil several key criteria of basic sound governance and democratic principles. These requirements would be:  
* The single new organisation must have a written constitution*  
* Their membership must be open to all supporters of the relevant football club at an affordable fee, if any*  
* The operation of the organisation must be independent of the football club (unless that organisation is a Trust that is the direct owner of its football club)*  
* The organisation must have a democratic structure and decision-making process, based on one member, one vote*  
* The majority of the organisation’s governing committee must be elected by the membership, either at a general meeting or by postal or online ballot*  
* The organisation must publish either audited or certified annual accounts or at least ones approved by its membership at an AGM*  
* The organisation must keep track of its membership, holding basic details of each current member*  
* The organisation must adopt a diversity policy (a template can be supplied). The Interim Board will decide on the 15th November whether the objectives in the SD model rules relating to diversity and inclusivity will suffice*  
An affiliate organisation receives 5 votes. 
You have until 31st December to ensure you meet the above criteria. If your organisation does not fit the affiliate criteria, then you can qualify as an associate member. 
An associate organisation for all those entities in between individual membership and affiliate membership; in other words, any supporters’ group or collective based on more than one individual, but which does not fulfil all the criteria listed above for an affiliate.  
This could therefore be democratically-structured groups which are restrictive in the membership they appeal to, like regional or geographically based supporters’ clubs; organisations that are not independent of the football club, like some clubs’ fans’ forums; traditional fanzines, or newer collective entities like fan websites, Facebook groups, podcasts, Twitter feeds etc 
An associate organisation receives 1 vote. 
I would like to sign-up as a founding member 
The process of transferring to the new organisation will take a while, during this process you will still be able to sign up as a founding member. Further details will be circulated in due course.  
National Council and board elections 
How can my affiliate organisation vote for the National Council representatives
Elections are currently open for affiliate representatives for affiliate organisations. Your organisation can register it’s vote via the link.  
Read the candidates’ statements

Please ensure that you only vote once per organisation (for up to three candidates’). Voting closes at midday on Tuesday 20th November 
My affiliate organisation is a community owned club. Do I vote in my league network or as a community owned club? 
You can vote as a community owned clubs and in your relevant league network. 
When will we know the results of the affiliate National Council representatives’ elections? 
Voting closes at midday on Tuesday 20th November so the provisional results will be published on Wednesday 21st November. The results will be ratified at the EGM. 
There are less than 3 people standing in the National League and Supporter Owned Club category so what happens? 
The individuals that have nominated will firstly need to be ratified. The remaining places will then be discussed at future relevant network meetings.  
How are the Fans for Diversity National Council places determined? 
The Fans for Diversity representatives on the National Council will be elected, from among their membership, by the Fans For Diversity Advisory Group at their meeting on 15th November. 
I would like to nominate myself as Chair or Vice Chair of the new organisation 
You can nominate yourself via this link.  
Nominations remain open until the beginning of the EGM on the 22nd November, but to ensure that your candidacy appears in the delegate pack and is available online for delegates to consider in advance of the EGM, please ensure you have completed the form by midday on Monday 19th November
I would like to stand as an individual candidate and/or an associate representative for the National Council 
See the link.
Nominations remain open until the beginning of the EGM on the 22nd November, but to ensure that your candidacy appears in the delegate pack and is available online for delegates to consider in advance of the EGM, please ensure you have completed the form by midday on Monday 19th November. 
How do I become a board member? 
The National Council elects the board from its representatives apart from the positions of Chair and Vice Chair which are elected directly from the membership. When standing as an individual, associate or affiliate representative you will have the option of indicating whether you wish to stand for the board, if you are successfully elected to the National Council.  
I’m standing for the National Council and/or as Chair and/or as Vice Chair, but I can’t attend the meeting. What do I do? 

Email us ( for further information. 
General information about the new organisation 
What is the decision-making structure of the new organisation? 
Ultimate decision making and determination of policy within the organisation will reside with the General Meeting, at which all members of every tier of membership will be able to exercise their votes.  It is proposed that the General Meeting be held every year, in other words an Annual General Meeting. 
Between sessions of the general meeting, there is a need for the National Council to deal with policy issues and the general direction of the organisation. It is envisaged that the National Council would meet at least three times between AGMs.   
The primary vehicle for activity and the involvement of affiliates between AGMs will be through their appropriate network.  The network will be expected to meet three or four times a year, as well as being in contact virtually. Meetings can also be attended by individual and associate members (particularly welcome from clubs where we have no fully-fledged affiliate) but only affiliate organisations would be able to vote.   
The strategic direction of the organisation, its financial and employment affairs and in cases of urgency between National Council meetings, decisions on policy will be the province of the Board. 
How many affiliate networks are there? 
There are 6 networks. They are: 
* Premier League 
* Championship 
* EFL 1 & EFL 2 (combined) 
* National game 
* Supporter-owned football clubs 
* Fans for Diversity 
How is the National Council comprised? 
The National Council will consist of 18 network representatives (drawn from the networks above) as well as 6 individual members’ representatives (elected at the AGM) and 3 representatives of associate members. 
How is the board comprised? 
Usually 9 people from the National Council will be elected to go on and stand for the Board with the Chair and Vice Chair. Both the Fans for Diversity and the Supporter Owned Clubs network can nominate a board representative directly. 
The first board will have the Chair, Vice Chair, 3 members of the existing interim board (their term of office ending at the AGM 2019) and 6 National Council representatives. 3 shall serve a term of office ending at the conclusion of the AGM in 2020 and 3 until the conclusion of the AGM in 2021. 
The aim is to end up with a rotation of 3 Board places being made available for election each year from the National Council.  
I would like to know a bit more about the new organisation 
You can find the background information and Articles of Association for the new organisation here. 
We hope that this information covers any question you have, however, please feel free to email us ( if you need any further information.

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I am still unclear of the position of rugby league trusts under the new arrangements - please enlighten me.
Ian Wilson [Rugby Oldham]

Rugby League trusts will not be voting members of the new organization. It will however aim to continue to provide services to those trusts providing funding continues. Once appointed the new CEO will meet with trusts to discuss how best they are aligned to the organization moving forward.