The F Plan

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Bristol City’s recent move to restructure their ticket prices can safely be said to be something of a disaster.  The new ‘restructure’ sees significant price hikes in certain areas of Ashton Gate with some parents with children under 12 who have been paying £50 being asked to now pay £335 in the new scheme. 

The Bristol City Supporters Club and Trust are calling the move ‘a tax on loyalty’ without consultation with the main stakeholders at the club – the fans. During the month of March, the Supporters Trust rallied to get the club to examine the changes but only a few basic alterations to the concessions were actually made.

It is startling to think that a club that doesn’t sell out its ground each week is willing to significantly alter the experience of loyal fans by pricing them out of their traditional seating preference whilst pricing out others from attending altogether.

Due to the lack of empathy shown by the club, the Supporters Trust have devised the ‘F’ plan - ‘Fans Funding Fans of the Future’ (FFFF) which sees them offer to fund the season card price increase for any U12 fan in the Dolman or Lower Lansdown stands if the parent/guardian feels unable to do so.  

Notwithstanding this inspirational move by the trust, it is the very fact that they have had to make this offer of support at all that makes you despair at the club’s lack of foresight.  In addition, the trust reached out to the club for guidance on how many children have been affected by the changes but have not, as yet, received a satisfactory response. 
Once again, the support the trust is offering exemplifies one of the reasons why supporters trusts are set up - to benefit and aid the local community.

If you are a Bristol City fan and want to know more about this offer please click here, alternatively if you would like to join BCSCT please click here.

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