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Tottenham Hotspurs Supporters Trust (THST) have recently published their annual report.  This piece of work is so good that we wanted to share it around with the rest of our supporters trust network.

The report covers a wide range of topics including the finances of the trust, campaigns ran throughout the year and communications with external organisations.

There are many reasons why a trust would choose to carry out an annual report but we spoke with THST representative Kat Law to find out why they feel an annual report is so important:

Law commented that 

"’s incredibly important to communicate as clearly, thoroughly and frequently as possible with your members. While we produce comprehensive newsletters each month, the Annual Report gives us an opportunity to summarise work streams, major events, points of interest across the year and to contextualise these, too.

It’s something tangible to show for our efforts over the previous 12 months which we share with the Club, national fan organisations, journalists, MP’s and other connected parties. It helps others understand what we do, how we operate and why we’re relevant. It’s also a good tool for increasing membership."

The workload was shared between two board members from THST with contributions being requested from the rest of the Board Members on areas of responsibility.  the annual report was then sent externally to a graphic designer to help format it.

The work carried out by THST is an excellent example of transparency and communication for the benefit of their members as well as external groups.

The report is attached below for those who would like to take a look.  For more information about THST, please click here.


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