The fourth Trust/Club MOU has been signed

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Directors of Rochdale AFC and trust board members of the Dale Trust have signed up to a Memorandum of Undertsanding (MOU).  This is the fourth MOU to be signed between a supporters trust and a football club.

The MOU’s were introduced following a government led group that called for an increase in structured and meaningful dialogue between a football club and its supporters.  The document sets out a minimum level of dialogue between the Club and the Trust and what the nature of those meetings should be. 

Trust Chairman Colin Cavanah stated:

“We are delighted to announce the signing of the MOU.  The MOU sets out a minimum level of engagement, but if truth be told, the Trust and the Club are currently working much closer and more frequently than the expected level that the document set outs.

“This was highlighted last year, when the Trust / Club were nominated for the best Trust / Club relationship at the Football Business Awards, and since then the dialogue between us has certainly increased. We are now holding monthly meetings with the Club, and publishing minutes from these meetings.

“We as a Trust are committed to continue our work with the Club in the interest of our members and to communicate that back through our website.”

On a national level it is important to recognise that these agreements are signed because there is a genuine and honest commitment from both parties to have open dialogue through the good and the bad times at the clubs.

We welcome the move by Rochdale AFC and the Dale Trust to further cement their relationship in football.

To read more about the Dale trust please click here and you can view their agreement by clicking on the downloadable file below.


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