Grants & Funding Options

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There are many grant and funding options available for Community Benefit Societies to apply for and access.

Some grants are available all year round with rolling decisions and no set applications periods whereas some are one-off grants or only with restricted application processes, so it’s important if you are looking for funding for your Trust or Community-Owned Club to be clear on the project you are wanting to fund, the desired outcomes of that project, and apply for grants and funding which are relevant.

Check out the guidance below which details a number of organisations that provide relevant funding and grant schemes as well as some organisations which provide tools for searching for available funding and grant schemes and guidance on the application processes.

Don’t forget to visit our page on grant applications HERE for more practical guidance on the process and tips on how to write a successful application.

Watch out for some case studies that we will be releasing later this month from Trusts and Clubs that have been successful.


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