Grounds for Benefit

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'Grounds for Benefit: Developing and Protecting Community Benefit in Football Stadia' is a piece of research commissioned from Supporters Direct by Wrenbridge Sport, property developers with a particular focus on sports and leisure. The aim was to help inform their role in ongoing football stadia developments and to outline the different ways in which community benefit can be enshrined, delivered and protected through stadia.

This research has explored ways in which:

i) The ownership structure of stadia can be organised to protect community and supporter interests;

ii) Community benefit can be delivered through stadia;

iii) Community benefit can be protected.

The research has been authored by Dr Adam Brown and Fiona McGee, both of Substance, the social research co-operative. Additional information was provided by Professor Guy Osborn of the University of Westminster.

Grounds for Benefit attached: Developing and Protecting Community Benefit in Football Stadia (PDF)

This paper was accompanied by the "Right to Bid" (attached) recommendations for Supporters' Trusts.

We are extremely grateful to the Cambridge United Supporters Trust for their financial support in producing this paper


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