Looking to get more funding?

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Trusts can look to raise significant capital for funding through their own independent fundraising methods but often there are funders who support community projects and may make suitable funding partners for your project.

Obtaining sufficient funding is often the main requirement and consideration when a Supporters Trust is looking to embark on a project no matter how big or small.

Is your Trust looking to gain funding for an up and coming project? If so then check out the Supporters Direct Funding Guidance attached.


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Hey Martyn,

Apologies, this is the correct link: https://supporters-direct.org/articles/are-you-stuck-on-fundraising

And in the guidance document its Page 5 you need to look at for the Fulham Case Study.



This Tweet - https://twitter.com/SuppDirect/status/952841445563650048 suggests that there is some advice around organising an end of season dinner from the Fulham Supporters Trust, but instead it brings you here.