"Lets publish every item of our expenditure" - Clapton Community FC launch

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Clapton Community Football Club (CCFC) opened up its membership, as old fans of Clapton FC alongside football fans who believe there is a different way, came together at Durning Hall Community Centre in Forest Gate.

The meeting was symbolic as the membership fee was agreed and the first share certificates were issued, but there was no time to celebrate the incredible hard work that has gone in to set-up a football club. There were decisions to be made, and lots of them. 

In 2 hours the 80 attendees debated and discussed everything from the appointment of the Manager, whether to pursue kit sponsorship, the budget and the equalities policy. An innovative approach to maximising participation and accountability among volunteers rather than delegating responsibility (and power) to the Board was agreed, along with a commitment to transparency that will see every item of expenditure, no matter how large or small published. It was a refreshing change to what has become the norm in football.    

CCFC are very much open for business and welcome people who want to join and help shape their journey. CCFC will be starting life in step 8 playing in Walthamstow - 6 miles from where they'd like to be one day at the Old Spotted Dog in Clapton. Alongside the little matter of setting up a supporter owned club, the group continue to campaign hard to build support to secure the public ownership of the Old Spotted Dog in Clapton, the spiritual home for football in the area.

You can find out more about their journey, as well as sign up and support them here.

We wish them well and welcome them into the family of supporter owned clubs.

Thanks to the Hive for their help funding SD's support to CCFC!

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