M.U.S.T becomes the first supporters trust to make the pledge to Common Goal

M.U.S.T, the Manchester United Supporters Trust, became the first supporters trust in the world to sign up and make a pledge to Common Goal.

The Common Goal aim is simple. All members pledge 1% of their earnings to a central fund which is then allocated to high-impact organisations that harness the power of football to advance the United Nations Global Goals.
The pledge means the trust will be donating 1% of our membership fees to the Common Goal movement as well as helping to promote Common Goal to M.U.S.T members, the wider global Manchester United supporter base, and to sister trusts and other fan organisations.
A M.U.S.T spokesperson welcomed the new partnership:
"It is written into the constitution of M.U.S.T that we contribute to local community and good causes and so it felt such a good fit to support Common Goal given the leadership of United's Juan Mata, Siobhan Chamberlain, and Casey Stoney. It is a privilege to support these players and manager both for their on the pitch play but also for their roles in bringing positive change to the community. This complements our work running a match-day collection for local Foodbanks so we support both local community, and through Common Goal, a community which extends globally.”
"It is early days in this new partnership but we hope it will flourish and enthuse our members and Manchester United fans globally to sign up too and support this fantastic cause so we can collectively use football as a platform for social change"
A few MUST members sat down with Juan Mata and Siobhan Chamberlain to mark the new partnership, you can watch the video above.

Our members are constantly striving to forge new partnerships with the clubs they work along side.  This pledge shows a genuine commitment from M.U.S.T members to help fund work that benefits their local and global community of fans.  

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