SD Europe launches #PassionHasPower campaign

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From Norway to Cyprus, and Israel to Ireland, SD Europe’s network touches 38 countries in Europe alone and beyond. To highlight and celebrate our growing network, this week sees the kick off of a new social media campaign, highlighting the supporters groups, member-run football clubs, and supporter liaison officers (SLOs) that make up SD Europe.

Supporters should be at the heart of football today. In working to ensure their voice is heard within the decision-making processes of clubs, leagues, member associations and Uefa, SD Europe is committed to helping creating a more sustainable game for all to enjoy. 

“We are excited to launch this campaign and share the many different faces of our network. This is our way of highlighting their work, commitment, impact and, of course, their passion for what they do,” said Antonia Hagemann, CEO of SD Europe.

Why #PassionHasPower? 
Football would cease to exist as we know it if it was surrounded by empty stands. The passion of supporters provides noise and colour, drives players onwards to grab that crucial goal and, increasingly, calls for better governance and accountability in the game we all love. When supporters come together and get organised, they are a powerful force as demonstrated by the growing number of fan-owned football clubs, supporter directors, as well as registered trusts and fan groups - hence, SD Europe will now use #PassionHasPower to share and spread news from its network.

What to look for? 
Every Thursday afternoon (CET) we will introduce a new face from the SD Europe network through our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. These faces will give life to what we already know is a passionate, hard working and dedicated network of people across the world of football. Whether a supporter, a club board member, a player or a supporter liaison officer (SLO), we will share their stories, motivations and connections to the beautiful game.

How can I share my story? 
Want to be a part of the campaign? That’s great! Post a good quality image of yourself (ideally in club colours!) and a few lines explaining what your club means to you on any of the social media platforms that we use, and tag us or include #PassionHasPower. You can also message our social media accounts directly or email us at with the subject line #PassionHasPower. 

When should I see my #PassionHasPower contribution being shared? 
We will post a new face once a week. If you share a picture and a brief story, and it matches our requirements (good quality image, linked to a club / supporters group dedicated to sustainability in football, a few lines about you), then you will see your face appear in the campaign in the near future!

We look forward to sharing the passion of the SD Europe network with everyone in the coming weeks and months!

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