SD General Meetings Update

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Members of Supporters Direct voted on Thursday 22nd November to transfer the assets of the organisation to the new Unified Football Supporters' Organisation.

The resolution was:

That this meeting of members of Supporters Direct Limited (the Society) hereby resolves to transfer on 31st December 2018 or, if later, the date of registration by the Financial Conduct Authority (“the Date”), the whole of the stock, property, and other assets and all engagements of the Society to The Unified Football Supporters’ Organisation Limited in consideration of The Unified Football Supporters’ Organisation Limited admitting each person who is a member of the Society at the Date to membership of The Unified Football Supporters’ Organisation Limited."

Voting on the resolution was as follows:

For: 53
Against: 2 
Abstentions: 2

A total of 57 full members (from a total membership of 86) voted giving a turnout of 66%.

A further meeting to confirm the transfer will take place at the CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road, London N1 6AH on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 12.30 pm. Details on how to vote has been sent to primary contacts at full members organisation's. The notice is attached.


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