Silkmen Supporters Trust - Annual Update

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We caught up with Chairman of the Silkmen Supporters Trust, Steve Munday to find out all about the important work that the Trust have conducted in the last eighteen months.

It has been an extremely busy time for all involved at Silkmen Supporters Trust after setting themselves an extensive list of objectives and aims to work towards in 2015.

Steve was kind enough to go through each of their objectives and give us a review of the work completed and progress made to date.  

One of the main objectives of the SST is to work with the Club to improve the match-day experience for supporters.

The SST conducted a survey of MTFC supporters which included a question regarding what things would improve their match day experience. 

A number of issues were identified by supporters including the PA system, the condition of some of the toilets and the lack of a working scoreboard.

The SST paid for improvements to the PA system, the toilets, and working in partnership with local organisations and companies, put together an offer to finance a new scoreboard.

Another issue that was raised by supporters was that they felt communication from the Club was inadequate, an issue exacerbated by the owners non-dom status. 

The SST have pushed for the Chairman to provide regular open meetings with the supporters and are pleased to report that these are now happening. 

As well as the survey and the communication issues, the Trust also raised a complaint from a fan regarding a small number of stewards and as a consequence these issues have now been resolved.

A representative of the SST attended the AGM to provide a report for members and the Trust also invited members to supply questions and issues they wanted to put to the Club’s owner. The owner’s answers were communicated to SST members. 

The SST held a number of further meetings with the Club Chairman regarding the operation of MTFC and, again, the minutes of these meetings were sent to all members with the full results of the Trust conducted Supporters’ Survey forwarded to the Club. 

As a result of the survey, The SST have worked hard to improve the level of communication with members by providing additional open meetings, a twice yearly newsletter and more regular e-mail updates.

There have been changes to the SST’s e-mail communication system in order to provide a better service to members from a system that is free for the Trust to use.

The SST are very pleased to have renewed their agreement with the Club that members receive priority purchasing of FA Cup tickets after Season Ticket Holders and a 10% discount on Suite hire.

The SST provides considerable administrative support (handles all the accounts, prize cheques and provides a lottery license) to the Super Silk Lotto, a fundraising lottery run by fans which generates £500 for the Club every month.

In addition to the PA system improvements, the SST have purchased a sit on mower for the groundsman and in partnership with the Silk Lotto have provided funds for a new glasswasher and an ice machine for the Supporters’ Bar.  The Trust have also committed to purchase new radios for the stewards from the proceeds of the Silk Lotto.

Supporters Direct would like to congratulate the Silkmen Supporters Trust on their achievements and efforts to benefit their supporters and community and encourage them to keep up the good work!

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