Structured Dialogue - Confidentiality

Structured Dialogue is intended to give supporters an opportunity to meet with the club and discuss higher level topics such as ownership, strategy and finance.

These topics often lead to discussion about how to approach confidentiality, which can be an intimidating and sensitive subject to broach.

At the recent Supporters Summit, representatives from SD’s Legal Partners Gateley PLC, Conor Hannon and John Burns, presented a workshop looking confidential information, what levels of information can be classed as confidential and how to challenge when you feel information is being unfairly deemed confidential.

In the above video Conor briefly touches on a number of subjects including:

What is confidential information
Who can use it
When does information cease to be confidential
Remedies for breaches on confidentiality clauses 
Non-disclosure agreements

All of our member trusts are entitled to 30 minutes free legal advice on any subject via our legal helpline partnership with Gateley PLC.

If you would like to access our legal helpline please email your query to SD Network Manager Nicola Hudson on who will connect you with the relevant department.

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