The FA announce reduction in concessionary prices for the FA Cup Final

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The FA has announced that its most expensive concessionary tickets for the FA Cup Final in May will be reduced.

The governing body’s announcement comes following a meeting between the FA, Kat Law, SD’s representative on the FA Council, chair of the FSF, Malcolm Clarke, and fan representatives of the clubs competing in this year’s semi-final.

Concession savings will be increased from £10 to £25 for those who buy Category 1 or Category 2 tickets for the final on Saturday 19th May. The concession prices for Category 3 or Category 4 tickets for the match will remain at £10 below the regular ticket price.

The FA also agreed that ticket prices for the FA Cup Final and semi-finals will not increase beyond the rate of inflation until the end of the 2020/21 competition.

Kat Law, co-chair of Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust and an SD England and Wales Council Member said:

“We’re pleased with the reduction in concessionary pricing for this season’s FA Cup final and would have liked to have seen more movement on category 1 and 2 price points across the board, which are still too high. However, we’re encouraged by the commitment from the FA to consult with supporter reps fully over the coming months as we look to secure a more accessible package of pricing for future FA Cup semi-finals and finals.”

A further statement, backed by the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, Manchester United Supporters’ Trust, Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust and the Southampton fanzine The Ugly Inside, went on “The movement on concessions for this year’s final is to be welcomed, as is the commitment to address the wider issues we raised ahead of next year’s competition.” 

The announcement once again shows the value of dialogue between fans and governing bodies and the importance of dedicated positions on the FA Council for fan representatives where issues that affect them can be raised, and resolved, in a timely fashion. 

Further details relating to the concessions policy at this season’s final –including pricing and eligibility – will be announced following this weekend’s semi-finals by the competing clubs.

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