Updating Your Trust Rules

It is important to make sure your Supporters Trust is using the correct version of the Supporters Direct Model Rules.

Your rules dictate how your Trust operates and detail the framework that your society works to.

Supporters Direct are the sponsoring body of the model rules which are registered as a model with the Financial Conduct Authority.

The most recent version of the rules available are the 2016 Rules for a Supporters Community Mutual.

If your Supporters Trust are operating under rules from 2011 or earlier, it is important you look to update these to the most recent version as soon as possible.

The process to update the rules is called a “Whole Rule Amendment” and SD Network Managers are here to help you through the process.

Watch the short video above and contact your Supporters Direct Network Manager for more information on updating your societies rules.

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I am trying to find the guidance about the role of trust officials. I am partivcularly interested in the role of secretary. Would yo point me in the right direction please.
John Trippier for Clarets Trust

Hi John,

I have just updated our secretaries guidance which details the role and their responsibilities and will fire a copy over to you!