England’s chances, Golden Boot winner, young players & more – 2018 World Cup Predictions

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The start of the FIFA World Cup in Russia is fast looming so we have asked the Supporters Direct staff to predict how the tournament will pan out.

The world cup gets underway with the opening match being Russia v Saudi Arabia.  Thirty-two teams will battle it out for just over a month to be crowned champions of the world.  With Germany looking to hold on to their title and Spain having sacked their manager, the other two biggest threats to the Germans succeeding seems to be Brazil and France.

Although, there is an air of something different about England this year.  The squad has been shaken up, the media has been let in a little more and Southgate seems to have the team playing more interesting football.  Could we as a nation dare to dream?

The SD staff will tell you what they think below.

Nicola Hudson (Network Manager - National League and Other Sports)
  • Winners: Germany
  • Runners-up: France
  • Golden Boot: Antonie Griezmann 
  • Golden Glove: David De Gea 
  • Young Player Award: Gabriel Jesus 
  • Fair Play Award:  Spain 

Ashley Brown (CEO)
  • Winner:  Spain
  • Runners-Up: Belgium
  • Golden Boot: Lukaku
  • Golden Glove:  Manuel Neuer
  • Young Player Award: Dembele 
  •  Fair Play Award: Japan

Richard Irving (Office Manager)
  • Winner: France
  • Runners-up: Belgium
  • Golden Boot: Antoine Griezmann
  • Golden Glove: Alisson 
  • Young player award: Kylian Mbappe
  • Fair play award: Uruguay

James Mathie (Head of England and Wales)
  • Winners: Belgium
  • Runners-up: Brazil
  • Golden boot:  Lukaku
  • Golden Glove: Caballero          
  • Young Player Award: Rashford
  • Fair Play Award: England   
Deborah Dilworth (Network Manager - Premier League and English Football League)
  • Winners: England (I am an optimist)
  • Runners-up: Germany (What a sweet win this would be)
  • Golden boot: Luis Suarez
  • Golden Glove: Hugo Lloris     
  • Young Player Award: Trent Alexander Arnold
  • Fair Play Award: Switzerland 

Nick Igoe (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Winner: Argentina
  • Runner-up: Germany
  • Golden boot: Messi
  • Golden gloves: Neuer
  • Fair play: England, if Alli doesn’t get caught diving

Vicki Goodfellow (Members Coordinator)
  • Winner: Brazil
  • Runners-Up: Argentina
  • Golden Boot:  Antonie Griezman
  • Golden Glove: Thibault Cortois 
  • Young Player Award: Ousmane Dembele
  • Fair Play Award: Uruguay

So will Germany be the back to back winners?  Or will there be a shock coming?

Tell us what you think below by commenting below.

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