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As a Registered Society owned by our members, Supporters Direct have annual elections, which select a board from within the trust movement. 

The Board meet roughly 6 times a year and the reports from those meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.

Below you will find information about the current board members of Supporters Direct.

Tom Greatrex - Chair - Elected until AGM 2021
Tom has been involved in the Supporters Trust movement since 2003 as one of the founders of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust, then under the banner of the Back to the Cottage campaign, which successfully advocated Fulham’s return to their historic ground. As a former Labour and Co-operative MP and shadow Minister, he pursued issues of importance to football supporters in Parliament and in the wider co-operative movement. Tom has had a varied career as a trade union official, a senior local government officer and government adviser, before being elected to Parliament in 2010. Since 2015, he has worked mostly in the energy sector, and is the Chief Executive of a high profile energy trade association. Outside of football and Fulham, his main interests are film, family and travel.
Tim Hartley - Vice-Chair - Elected until AGM 2020
Tim is a founding member and Chair of Cardiff City Supporters Trust. Here he has managed to build relationships with the club and its colourful Malaysian owner during a very difficult time in the club’s history. He is keen the club reflects the community it serves and has run a number of football events for underprivileged children from Cardiff and the south Wales valleys. Tim has also organised events with the local Somali, Bengali and Jewish communities as well as the city’s gay football team. Tim was a journalist with the BBC for 17 years and also worked in government. He is now a media consultant and freelance journalist and is a magistrate sitting on the Cardiff bench. He is founding trustee of the Wales Supporters charity ‘Gol!’ and is the most capped player for the Wales Supporters Team!

Peter Lloyd - Elected until AGM 2019
Peter is a lifelong Peterborough United fan who was chairman of the Posh Supporters Trust for five years, having joined on its inception in 2002. Whilst in post as chair, they set up the “New Posh Fans Initiative” with the football club to give away match day tickets to those who hadn’t been to a Posh game before. They also introduced a “Smile” ticket scheme in which the Trust buys match day tickets and gives them to deserving members of the community who otherwise would not be able to attend matches. Peter strongly support the efforts of Supporters Direct to improve governance in football, both at clubs and in football’s governing bodies, with more formal roles for supporters and supporters’ organisations.

Ally Simcock - Board Member (FSF representative) - Co-opted until AGM 2019
Ally is an ardent Port Vale FC fan and was Chair of their Supporters’ Club for over 4 years. She is an active member of the FSF Council, the EFL Structured Dialogue group and is the current fan representative on the fixtures working party. 
Ally is a former Further Education Tutor, working in both the public and voluntary sector. She is also a weekly columnist for the Trinity Mirror Group.

David Little - Board Member - Elected until AGM 2019
David was originally introduced to the Swans Trust by Richard Lillicrap, who was instrumental in the early days of establishing Supporters Direct and the Supporters Turst movement. David has served as the legal advisor to the Swans Trust on a pro- bono basis since early 2005, and in that time has worked very closely with the Supporter Director on the main Swans’ board, Huw Cooze.

Oliver Holtaway - Board Member - Elected until AGM 2019
Oliver is currently Secretary of the Bath City FC Supporters Society.  Since January 2015, he has been deeply involved in a fan-led initiative to take Bath City FC into community ownership where he worked closely with Supporters Direct to research and develop a community share offer that was launched last summer, raising £300K towards the £750K target.

Paul Thexton  - Board Member - Elected until AGM 2019
Paul is a life long Warrington fan and has been an active contributor to online Rugby League supporters websites and newsgroups since the late 1990s.  He was heavily involved in the early days of the RLFans online supporters network which saw rapid growth when the online fans network decided to withdraw their support for Rugby League fanzines. Professionally he is a computer software engineer with 16 years experience.

Martyn Cheney - Board Member - Elected until AGM 2021
Martyn has worked in the Rail Industry since leaving school, working in various Yorkshire Locations, and ending up at East Coast Mainline Company as Payroll Manager. Previous roles have included analytical positions and various HR positions. As well as being the Payroll Manger, Martyn is one of the Management Representatives speaking on behalf of his colleagues. He is also very active in his local Constituency Labour Party. He has been watching Bramley since 1979, and became involved with the Buffaloes following the original clubs demise in 1999. Involved from the start with the Trust, firstly as Web Designer, then Secretary and since 2005 Chairman. He has overseen the most successful period in the clubs history, winning 5 consecutive minor premierships, 2 championships and 5 consecutive grand final appearances.

Neil Le Milliere - Board Member - Elected until AGM 2021
Neil is travel organiser for Exiled Exeter City FC supporters in London; runs an Exeter fan’s Internet mail group; and helps with the Official Club Website. He became more involved with ECFC in 2000 when a group of fans formed an embryonic group which evolved into the Exeter City AFC Supporters Trust. Neil is an elected member of Exeter’s Board of Society representing views of exiled members; the resident constitution ‘expert’; and a member of their Ownership Working group.

Stuart Fuller - Board Member - Elected until AGM 2020
Stuart is the Chairman of Isthmian Premier Division side Lewes Community Football Club and a member of the Isthmian League Board.  His background in football goes back over a decade, helping clubs create commercial partnerships and engagement models.  He joined the board at Lewes a year after they had become a community club, becoming chairman in 2015.  

Luke Cox - Board Member - Elected until AGM 2021
Luke is a Board Member of the Worcester City Supporters' Trust where he has worked on a number of tasks, including improving communication with members. He also recently graduated from the University Campus of the Football Business Wembley with a first in Football Business & Marketing.

Paul Cuffe - Board Member - Elected until AGM 2020
Paul is a Board Member of the Huddersfield Town Supporters' Association. His work at HTSA has included projects beyond Huddersfield Town's traditional fanbase including work with other clubs' trusts and supporters groups and being part of the Premier League group of supporters' trusts.

Board Reports