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Supporters Direct has three subsidiary democratic bodies, the England & Wales Football Council, the Scottish Council and the Rugby League Council. These bodies assist the Board by monitoring activity against budgets, development plans and other Key Performance Indicators in their particular area and contributing ideas and suggestions regarding SD strategy in their area for consideration by the Board. Several seats are reserved on the main Board for individuals who serve on these Councils.

Positions for these three Councils are made available on an annual basis and will be advertised through normal Supporters Direct channels, and are usually for a 3 year term.

Here you can find out more info about the Scottish Council members as well as reports from their recent meetings:

Scottish Council Members

Scottish Council Members

Morag McHaffie (Chair)

Elected until 2018

Morag is a season ticket holder at Firhill and attends all away Thistle matches, unless Scotland happens to be playing in some obscure part of the world!

Morag is secretary and travel contact to the North-West Supporters’ branch.

Over the past 25 years she has also held the post of secretary to the old Supporters Association, and its successor, the Supporters’ Federation; Save the Jags and of the embryonic Jags Trust during its first 6 years, returning in 2009 as a member of the JT Board.

Morag is presently Chairperson and selected from the Trust Board as the fans representative to the Board of PTFC Ltd. The Jags Trust is an equal largest shareholder with 1 million shares.

A qualified teacher (1980), Morag never actually held chalk but worked in consumer protection, emergencies planning, social work home care and is now an Inspector for the Care Inspectorate working in the inspection and regulation of care for various sectors of the community.

 Jon Keen

Elected until 2019

Jon has a long involvement with all aspects of supporter representation and the supporters’ trust movement, having been a founder member of STAR (Supporters’ Trust At Reading) in 2002 and subsequently a board member for 8 years. Many years earlier, though, in 1983, he was one of thousands marching behind a symbolic coffin as Reading fans protested the proposed merger of their club Oxford United to create a “Frankenstein club” to be known as Thames Valley Royals.  He was elected to the National Council of the Football Supporters’ Federation in England in 2005, and as the organisation’s Deputy Chair two years later, a role he held for five years and in which he was involved in all aspects of supporter issues and campaigning.  A prolific blogger, this year he has also written and self-published his first book: “The Sum of the Parts” – an in-depth analysis of the record-breaking 2006 Reading team.

A self-employed IT Project Manager, Jon is experienced in working within a number of large multinational technology companies, and relocated to Scotland in early 2015. He now considers himself a Leither, even though he’s “no from Leith”.



Andrew Millar 
Elected until 2019

Andrew went to his first Killie game in 1988 at the grand old age of 22.  Having been born on the Isle of Arran, he had very little exposure to live football as he grew up.  Clearly the glamour of an away game at Queens Park turned his head!  Since then there have been many changes to football and very few have been good for fans.

Andrew believes very strongly in community ownership for football clubs nd thinks it is an idea that may now be finding its place in Scottish Football.  Club owners are looking to find a dignified and well managed departure from their clubs that leaves a sustainable legacy.

Andrew serves as a director on the Killie Trust board and works as an IT manager in the NHS.  You can find him at most home Kilmarnock matches in the Frank Beattie Stand Block 22 Row F Seat 151!


John Alexander 
Elected until 2020

John is a third generation Clyde supporter and a founder member of Clyde Supporters Trust that ultimately brought the club into supporter ownership. He has been a director of the club and was Chairman until the end of season 2015/16.

He is interested in the fortunes of the club off the park and wants to see it move from a hand to mouth existence to become a sustainable and stable organisation embedded in a community in which it is relevant, something it hasn’t been for more than a generation.

Beyond football John is a chartered accountant and a director of Baxi Partnership Ltd and an independent trustee for employee owned companies.