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Supporters Direct has two subsidiary democratic bodies, the England & Wales Football Council and the Rugby League Council. These bodies assist the Board by monitoring activity against budgets, development plans and other Key Performance Indicators in their particular area and contributing ideas and suggestions regarding SD strategy in their area for consideration by the Board. Several seats are reserved on the main Board for individuals who serve on these Councils.

Positions for these two Councils are made available on an annual basis and will be advertised through normal Supporters Direct channels, and are usually for a 3 year term.

Please find details of the current members of the England and Wales Football Council below, as well as reports from the recent meetings attached. 

Neil Le Milliere (Chair) - Elected until 2021
Tim Hartley - Elected until 2021
Michael Green - Elected until 2021
Antony Wilkinson - Elected until 2021
Roger Ellis - Elected until 2020
Daniel Crawford - Elected until 2020
Peter Lloyd - Elected until 2019
Katrina Law - Elected until 2019
Geoff Bielby - Elected until 2019