Introducing Community Organising

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FCUM, Broadhurst Park, 310 Lightbowne Road, Moston, Manchester, M40 0FJ


11:00 - 17:00

About The Event

for Supporters Direct club members and organisers

  • Are you looking for better ways to motivate people to get involved in your club?  
  • Are you bothered about what’s going wrong in your community? 
  • Do you want to bring people to work together to make a change?   

Community Organising is the work of bringing people together to take action around their common concerns and overcome social injustice.   Community Organisers reach out and listen, connect and motivate people to build their collective power.

This free, interactive one day training course, run by COLtd for Supporters Direct, introduces you to the foundations of community organising – genuine, effective listening which sparks dialogue and explores motivations, an analysis of power in community and how to build it, and an exploration of how to organise and motivate people to take effective action together to address common concerns.

“We believe that Community Organising has the potential to significantly enhance and strengthen the relationship between individuals, communities, and the institutions and organisations that serve them.”

Our trainers are experienced community organisers. Our training is approved as quality training provision by Certa and as Professional Development by CPD. Certification for this can be achieved though completion of a “learning log” at the end of the course.

This training is an introduction to community organising. It’s ideal if you’re new to the community organising approach, or if you want a refresher on community organising as a whole. It’s relevant to community activists, volunteer organisers, organisation leaders, frontline workers, politicians and anyone who wants to build a strong community.   

If you want to learn more, there are further one-day courses available focusing on specific aspects of the process, and accredited Award and Certificate qualification courses for those who want to go even deeper into the theory and practice of community organising.

“Through community organising the realisation of individual potential and the creation of self-determining communities go hand in hand.” 

Come along to the training and further your potential at the same time as finding out how to motivate others in your community.   

The session is taking place at FC United of Manchester (Broadhurst Park, 310 Lightbowne Road, Moston, Manchester, M40 0FJ) on Sunday 29th October 

These are pitched at Board Members and volunteers at your clubs. This invite has been sent to all the Board contacts SD hold for your club, so please distribute to your club colleagues as you see fit.

If you have any further questions please drop" style="">James Mathie at Supporters Direct an email 

About Community Organisers
Community Organisers Ltd was created as a result of the Community Organisers Programme (2011 – 2015), which trained and supported 6500 neighbourhood community organisers in 450 areas of England. Since 2015, COLtd has established itself as the national membership and training organisation for community organising. COLtd aims to nurture and develop the national network of community organisers and increase opportunity for local leaders to gain skills in the practice, principle and process of community organising to transform their communities for good. COLtd is leading the CO Expansion Programme which aims to train 3500 people in community organising skills by 2020 and is  funded by The Department of Culture, Digital, Media and Sport. This training is part of the expansion programme.