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The work of Supporters Direct reaches across sports. Supporters' trusts and community owned clubs are progressive, community focused, reform minded and above all, member-owned.

If you want to find out more about what a supporters' trust is, or what community ownership means, head to our FAQs.

Total supporters’ trusts/community owned clubs: 163

Total membership of supporters’ trusts/community owned clubs: 419,476 

Number of sports SD works in: 5 
(Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Ice Hockey, Speedway)

Influence and Ownership
Total community owned clubs: 44 (which extends to over 50 when including Scotland)

Total supporters’ trusts with a director on the board of the club (includes community owned clubs): 54

Total supporters’ trusts with a shareholding in their club (includes community owned clubs): 88

Finance and Investment
Total money raised by supporters’ trusts and community owned clubs: £50 million+