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How can I contribute articles to the website?

If you would like to submit an article please contact the Super Administrator for the website, Dr Margaret Smith, (Principal Investigator for the Lydia Osteoporosis Project) and she will invite reviewers to comment on the paper’s suitability prior to publishing on the website.

When I submit an article for the website what happens next?

Dr Margaret Smith will ask members of a panel of reviewers to review potential submissions prior to publication on the website. MS will monitor the suitability of content published on the website as part of the Super Administrator role that she holds.

Are the photographs on the website copyright protected?

The photographs that appear on the website have been uploaded according to the terms and conditions of commercial websites or are photographs belonging to members of the project team, staff in Nursing or staff in QMU. They should not be copied or downloaded unless this is covered under the Intellectual Property section within the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Who supplied the photographs that appear on the website?

Permission to reproduce the photographs used on the website was obtained by purchasing them under license from a commercial website, or from individual staff members at QMU.

Who wrote the content that appears in the articles published on the website?

The content that appears on the website has been prepared by members of the Lydia Osteoporosis Project Team employed at QMU (individual authors are credited at the end of the submissions) or has been voluntarily submitted by other named individuals.

How do I access the website if there is a Firewall preventing me from doing so?

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to access the website from all computers and you may experience difficulties if your organization has a Firewall. If you experience problems please try to access the website from a personal computer at home.

Can I volunteer to help with the website?

We would be delighted if interested parties would volunteer to help with the website. Please contact Dr Margaret Smith on if you would like to consider undertaking such a role.

How can I help raise awareness of osteoporosis amongst frontline staff?

You can do this by contributing articles of interest to the website and letting people in your network know about how to access the website. 

Can I donate to support work on the website?

We have not yet set up this facility but please watch this space as we may offer this opportunity in the future. Alternatively, please contact the Director of The Developments and Alumni Office at QMU on

Can I choose to be in more than one user group?

Upon registration of the website you are asked to choose one group. By default, you will then be presented with a list of content we believe will be of interest to you, based on the tags associated with that group. However, if you are also interested in seeing the content from another group, simply select the "My Interests" link and choose the tags you're interested in seeing from another group. For more information on tags, please read the next question.

What are ‘tags’ and how do I subscribe to these?

Tags are used for two purposes; to allow you to subscribe to specific areas of interest to you and to link related articles to each other. The group you are associated with defines the tags you are subscribed to by default. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from these in the “My Interests” section of the website.

I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

To reset your password, please go to this URL (, enter your email address and select the “Reset password” icon. You will then receive an email containing a link back to the website. Select this link, and enter your new password on the website. You should then be able to login.

Please allow up to 15 minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox. If you still don't see it, please check your junk or spam folder.

Finally, if you're still having trouble, please contact Dr Margaret Smith on who can do this for you.

Who is responsible for monitoring content that appears on the website?

Dr Margaret Smith (MS) is the super administrator for the website and she will monitor content that appears on the site. If she is unavailable another person with comparable knowledge of the website content and purpose will be nominated by MS to undertake this role.

How regularly are the content and web-links checked by a web administrator?

Wherever possible the website will be accessed daily and web-links will be regularly checked by the super- administrator or another member of the website team.

Do you plan to add more education materials in the future?

Yes, we have developed a comprehensive education programme focusing on the moving and handling needs of older people with osteoporosis in collaboration with a range of NHS and academic partners. Over the coming months we will be uploading content and working in close partnership with other QMU academics and specialist practitioners. 

Document prepared by MAC Smith on 1st December 2015.
Next review date 1st February 2016.