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Your membership is vitally important. It says you are part of something bigger than allegiance to a particular club or badge. It says you care about the future of the game. It says there is a better way, and it enables SD to fight for it.

There are many benefits to becoming a full member of Supporters Direct. These include:

  • Dedicated staff team with sport and divisional contacts
  • Discounted rates for access to high resolution images through our partner PA Images
  • Network meetings and groups relevant to you
  • Free access to our dedicated legal support helpline with Gateley PLC
  • Regional and online training sessions and seminars to help you and your members develop their skills
  • Ability to nominate candidates for our Councils and Board and voting rights to influence the direction of SD
  • Ability to use a CRM system suited for Trusts and Clubs
  • Discounted rates for SD events
  • Copies of our publications on request
  • Discounted rates from our SD Club Development consultancy team of experts
  • Access for your Board Members and key volunteers to use the SD Hub to enhance networks, collaboration and to improve advice and support
  • Discounts on When Saturday Comes and Kickaround subscriptions for your members (email for the discount codes)
  • Access to support from AFL Architects
  • All the benefits of increased profile and status of being part of the SD movement

If you qualify for SD members (see the SD Membership Policy) and wish to become full members we need three things from you:
  1. The membership fee of £100 payable via GoCardless
  2. Complete the membership form 
  3. Ensure your FCA returns are up-to-date and that your latest accounts are published on your website (alternatively you can email a copy to

If you are struggling with any of the three membership components please let us know. We can for example put you in touch with an independent auditor or Independent Examiner.

Supporter ownership and involvement is important because we, as supporters, are the lifeblood of the game – economically, culturally and socially. We more than any other stakeholder group make lifelong commitments to our clubs and invest in them (economically, emotionally, and with time) on a long term basis. We do not make money from our clubs, we invest in them. We are not employed by our clubs, but support the employment of others. We do not change clubs when conditions change, we remain. As supporters, we do not view clubs as sources of profit, or as markets, or as sources of customers; rather we are the inextricable link between a club and its local community. Clubs represent us and our sense of identity as much as we represent the club.

If you have any questions relating to your SD membership, or want to check your membership status, please email us (