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Supporters Direct is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance as we recognise that good governance is crucial in helping the organisation deliver on its strategy. We also recognise that, in our role as the umbrella organisation for supporters’ trusts across the country, we must lead the way in striving to improve governance in both our member organisations and the game in general. This section provides some more information about how the governance of Supporters Direct operates

Our Board
The Board of Supporters Direct comprises up to twelve Directors democratically elected by the membership. The current Governance structures seek to ensure all significant areas of Supporters Direct’s operations have representation on the Board, and so several of the seats on the Board are reserved for individuals from English and Welsh Football Trusts, SD Scotland and Rugby League (see Council Structure section below) with the remainder of the seats deemed general seats. In addition to the Directors democratically elected by the membership, the Board may co-opt up to 6 additional Directors. All Directors serve a three-year term of office (unless elected as a result of a bi-election).

Directors do not receive any remuneration for their duties although their expenses are reimbursed.

Board Responsibilities
The Board is responsible for the overseeing the overall management and performance of the organisation and for approving the long-term objectives and strategy. In particular it agrees the strategy and annual budgets and monitors performance against plans and targets. The Board meets about 6 or 7 times a year including a full day off-site meeting to consider strategy. In addition to regular meetings of the full Board, the Board is also assisted in carrying out its responsibilities by two subcommittees, the Governance sub-committee and the Staffing Sub-committee. Each subcommittee is appointed by the Board and has formal terms of reference approved by the Board.

Supporters Direct has two subsidiary democratic bodies, the England & Wales Football Council and the Rugby League Council. These bodies assist the Board by monitoring activity against budgets, development plans and other Key Performance Indicators in their particular area and contributing ideas and suggestions regarding SD strategy in their area for consideration by the Board. Several seats are reserved on the main Board for individuals who serve on these Councils.

Positions for these two Councils are made available on an annual basis and will be advertised through normal Supporters Direct channels, and are usually for a 3 year term.


The role of secretary is currently held by Richard Irving, who can be contacted by emailing