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SD work with supporters organisations and clubs to create strong lasting mechanisms for engagement, that improve communication, decision making and trust. Greater supporter involvement provides the potential for a club to better understand its supporters and to better leverage those relationships in furtherance of its financial, social and community objectives.

Supporter involvement can occur in different forms and for different reasons. You can find out more in our publication Engage! How clubs can win with football supporters 

In 2016 following a Government led group the English Premier League and the English Football League committed to a minimum level of structured dialogue between club leaders and supporters. Although this represented a landmark moment we continue to work with all parties who want to push the boundaries and take those standards further, as this is only a minimum level of what could be achieved.

For example there are Memorandums of Understanding (MOU's), which lay out the structure and nature of the relationship between supporters and their club, as well as fan elected directors who operate on the club board holding positions that go beyond the structured dialogue commitments. 

We have captured the details of the clubs and supporters who have committed to a greater level of involvement with links to what that looks like below:

Fulham Supporters Trust & Fulham FC - MOU     

Nottingham Forest Supporters Trust & Nottingham Forest - MOU     

Canaries Trust & Norwich City - MOU     

Stags Fans United & Mansfield Town FC - Supporter Director          

Cambridge Fans United & Cambridge United - Supporter Director          

Carlisle Utd Official Supporters Club & Carlisle Utd - Supporter Director          

Crawley Town Supporters Alliance & Crawley Town FC - Supporter Director          

Robins Trust & Cheltenham Town FC - Supporter Director          

Mariners Trust & Grimsby Town FC - Supporter Director          

Shots Trust & Aldershot FC - Supporter Director          

The Cards Trust & Woking FC - Supporter Director

Swansea City Supporters Trust & Swansea City FC - Supporter Director, Shareholders agreements/extra rights

Bees United & Brentford FC - Supporter Director, Shareholders agreements/extra rights

Chesterfield supporters Clubs & Chesterfield FC - Supporter Director, Shareholders agreements/extra rights

Pompey Supporters Trust & Portsmouth FC - Shareholders agreement/extra rights

Oldham Athletic & Oldham Athletic Supporters Trust - Shareholders agreement/extra rights

Bury FC & Forever Bury - Shareholders agreement/extra rights   

York City & York City Supporters Trust - Shareholders agreement/extra rights

Hampton & Richmond Borough & Beavers Trust - Shareholders agreement/extra rights

Gloucester City & Gloucester City Supporters Trust - Shareholders agreement/extra rights

Hereford United & Hereford United Supporters Trust - Supporter Director, Shareholders agreements/extra rights

To read a more detailed case study about a Trust with considerable supporter involvement you can read the story of the Swans Trust here

NB: we have not included clubs who are majority controlled by supporters, you can find a list of these here

If you think your club goes further than the minimum standard in the top 4 football leagues and you'd like to be listed or would like to explore how you could set something up that goes further please drop an email to